The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity

We all know that every person will have a zeal to serve needy and also you know that you can't make out time of your busy scheduled life. Friends of Needy Foundation is for people like you. We the fellow members of Friends Of Needy Foundation will be glad if you are also be a part of this.

You might get a question, what a member can or should do?


You need to be trusty, a donor is the big wheel for any NGO. You being a donor doesn't mean that we will ask you for a big number to donate. We are asking you to save ₹ 3/- a day and donate it to us every month ,Saving 3 rupees a day is not a big deal for us to help needy right? Yeah! This is the difference between other NGO'S and Friends of Needy Foundation. We will also make sure that we will maintain transparency of each and every penny you donate. We would be even happier if you attend the events and be an active participant.


Fonf believes in Education is the best form of donation and follows it


Fonf is for orphans all the time in all forms as they’re most vulnerable children

Women Empowerment

We strongly believe that women should be equally treated and work for it


Saving environment is one of the most important aspect in our society and we have a responsibility to take care of it

Social Impact

Whenever and wherever there are social needs or problems Fonf owes to be a part in reforming and resolving to make an impact for better living of people

Our Team

    We started Friends of Needy Foundation with eight members having the ideology of serving needy. We kick-started in 2016 and now we are spreading our wings all over the world. We have more than 300 members in the foundation and still counting. We the members follow the same motto of “Soul meaning of life is to serve humanity” and we walk behind it. Just like the name, we’re always available for the needy people. We’d like to have your support to enhance our work to reach and serve as many needy people as we can. We are ready to encourage new ideas which are most useful for a better society.

Our Works

Bank Details

A/C Name: Friends of Needy Foundation
A/C NO : 133810100076259.
IFSC code : ANDB0001338

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Your feedback is important!


Please take a minute to share your thoughts with us! We want to make sure that we are providing value to you with our improvements and the only way to truly know is to hear from you. While every single feedback suggestions may not turn into a feature or change, if you never let us know what you think we'll have to guess!




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